Mid Life Crisis at 25?

Reflecting on everything that has happened, did I have a mid life crisis at 25? I had everything that I thought I wanted. I got engaged, graduated college, got a dog, got a house, got married, had a daughter, and had a good job. I mean what more is there that you could want? This is after all the american dream right? I think what I have realized is that I was living a life where I wasn’t read more

My Straight Friends Just Don’t Understand

Last night I was at the local gay club, kind of a favorite hangout of me and my friends. As I am dancing I look over and see an old high school friend of mine that I probably haven’t seen since the day we graduated. For the purposes of this post, we will call her Chris. Of course as soon as I saw her I excused myself from those that I was with and ran over and gave her a big hug, then I look read more

How do/did you know you’re gay? 

This is a question that I have been getting asked a lot lately having recently come out and I thought I would just share my experience with you. First, I should point out that I believe sexuality is all about self identification. For example, personally I am not the biggest fan of the word queer, the word is really grounded and used as hate speech. I self identify as bi-sexual but I often refer read more

The Real New Girl

So, I am not sure how many of you have seen the Fox TV show New Girl, and if you haven’t I really suggest you do, but this is kinda my life with my friends. Short of having a loft that we all live in together and maybe a few slight gender reversal’s, it is our life. Really we kind of have a loft (my friends town home) we all just don’t live there, at least not full time. Particularly read more

A Quick but Funny One

Just because I felt like things have been a little serious on the blog with the last couple posts (I don’t want you to think my life is always that way), I thought I should lighten it up a little.

A couple weeks ago I had my daughter for the evening and when my ex came to pick her up I helped grab everything and walk it out to the car. My ex took my daughter around the car and began placing read more

Learning to Live Alone & Loving Oneself

This was a topic of discussion that came up between a friend and I the other day as we have both come out of long term relationships. It’s interesting isn’t it, how dependent we become on another person, how needed another person can become in our lives. I am not saying that this is a bad thing not at all. It just merely makes living alone after living with another person extremely difficult. read more


This is something that has been weighing heavily on me lately. Maybe its because I feel like people don’t understand or maybe its because coming out is such a major transition. In a good way as much as a bad way. In so may way’s I feel liberated, I feel free to be who I am, not who society tells me to be. There is no expectations to be some masculine man or to act the way a “straight” read more

A Page From My Life Journal

I have this journal that I started shortly after I separated from my ex-wife. Really as a means to be able to express my feelings about what was happening to me, what has happened to me and really trying to better understand myself and what I was searching for. When I was thinking about this Journal, which probably dives a little more into my emotions then I intend to one here, I started to think read more