An Odd Comparison

The collapse of my marriage and, the months that followed shortly after, certainly were not some of the most beautiful moments. They were really difficult. It was hard to lose my best friend and even for as “green” as it my have been, my life partner. No matter the conclusion there was a reason I stayed and we spent almost 9 years together. Those feelings have never left me and the respect read more

A Final Farewell

When I first moved to Lansing I knew no one within the gay community. I moved here because I had friends from college that had been a support system to me through my divorce. However, I knew this would be my home for an unknown amount of time and I really wanted to make the best of it. So, I put myself out there to meet people within the gay community.

One of the first people I met and became friends read more

Have you heard of your 3 life loves?

My ex boyfriend and I despite many efforts are just never going to be able to talk and be friends. We have tried on multiple occasions and we just can never seem to find a way to communicate. This is really frustrating and sad to me because I want it to work so bad but what I have come to realize is that I want him to be a person he is not and he wants me to be a person that I am not. We both keep read more

Straight Men Love The Gay Culture; Secretively

This is something that I have found really interesting since moving from being predominately in the straight culture to the gay culture. Obviously I was always interested in the gay culture. Thus, I can not exactly use my own self experience to justify what I am talking about here because clearly as my friends would say I like the D and I typically respond with well who doesn’t followed by read more

When You Love Someone, Now I Get It

I have been kind of avoiding this topic because I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to talk about it and if I did what I would even want to say. However, the more I sit here and think about it the more I feel I need to write it down. You see this blog is so much more to me than just sharing my thoughts or things that happened. Writing things down is a way for me to process, release emotion and read more

Let’s Talk About Sex

Yeah you read that right, I said it. Why is it that talking about sex is such a taboo thing? I mean for real, we all like to have sex its satisfying and certainly makes a relationship stronger. However, the thing I have always struggled with is finding how much is to much and how little is to little? You see I am a very physical person and so for me sex goes far beyond the physical component. It read more

Boy’s Are Dumb- Advice from Celeste


After having a conversation with Celeste the other day regarding boys and a terrible experience that she has had coupled with one of my own, I thought it might be nice to get a little advice regarding dating from a women’s perspective and share with you. So, here you have it, advice from Celeste. I think it very accurate portray’s her personality so I hope you enjoy.

I think that read more

Story of My Life- The wrong text

One of my friends from college and I always seem to have ridiculous things happen to us that seem as though they would never happen to anyone else. We lump all these moments into the category of story of my life and typically call each other and say I have a story of my life moment for you just to share in a good laugh. Well I thought I would share one of these moments with you all.

There is this read more

A Letter to My Ex


No matter what happens to us as we grow older you will always have a special place in my heart as a friend and mother of my child. You see I am writing this because I think you need a reminder that I care about you and I think you are an amazing person with truly special gifts. Unfortunately for us my sexuality would have always been a questions and a source of angst for me. You see I could have read more