Any Boy Can Become A “Fag”

I know, I know I have some fighting words in this title but before you completely dismiss this post stay with me a minute. This post was inspired by an article written by C. J. Pascoe titled: ‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse. Thus, lets get the boring stuff out of the way and get this formally cited:

Pascoe, C. J. 2005. “‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: read more

Moving: What I Know but Still Forget

I have moved and been in Detroit for two weeks now and that is just enough time for the ole life reminder of how hard moving is. The last couple days, and what really seem like hours, have been rough. I started a new job, moved and started school. Quite frankly I am terrified at how I will keep up. This is a lot of work and I fear I won’t be able to excel at it all.

Yet, among all the fear read more

Boxes of Fear


I have been severally procrastinating packing for the last week or so. I’m within a month of moving and I hadn’t done a thing. Not organized a closet or packed a single box. Today was supposed to be my day to get a lot done to really get this packing thing moving in the right direction. Yet, I had no motivation to do it. I avoided it all day. First, I got up and went on a run. It read more

An Odd Comparison

The collapse of my marriage and, the months that followed shortly after, certainly were not some of the most beautiful moments. They were really difficult. It was hard to lose my best friend and even for as “green” as it my have been, my life partner. No matter the conclusion there was a reason I stayed and we spent almost 9 years together. Those feelings have never left me and the respect read more

Mid Year Resolution?

I know that you are supposed to start resolutions at the beginning of the year but isn’t a resolution really just a goal? So, why not make a mid year one, I still have six months, right?

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts again lately and am particularly a fan of ones that make me laugh or ones that are good for the soul. Soul food where you can be educated on lessons others have learned read more

My Life with Training Wheels

I am almost two year into being separated from my ex-wife and still feel like I am riding a bike with training wheels. When you have a dual income and in our case were fortunate enough to both have decent jobs we really weren’t ever struggling to have anything we wanted. At the time we felt differently but rather it was more that we couldn’t have the exact thing that we wanted. We could read more

Call My Mom, I’m A Big Boy Now

Clearly I have been a little busy lately as I haven’t even found a moment to blog and much of this craziness is coming from work being so busy (all in a good way) and trying to prep or graduate school. Getting everything settled and trying to plan out what has to be done alone feels like a full time job at this point. With all of this planning I thought a lot about what I wanted to have done read more

Empathy; My Strength & Weakness

When I started my new job not to long ago I did a comprehensive assessment on my leadership style strengths and development areas. Along with this assessment I got 6 months of career coaching with a PhD coach. This process has been so interesting and rewarding from a developmental stand point. Sure you see executive leaders getting this kind of development at larger organizations but I have not read more

My 10 Things About Turning 26

Today is my birthday and I have been looking at this date for awhile not really sure how I would feel about it as the day approached, came, and as all things do, dissipate. If we are being honest I think I have feared this date more than anything because it means I turn 26. Not because I am old or anything more because its a realization that I am now closer to my 30’s then my 20’s and read more