It May Be Time To Move

I moved to Lansing for a fresh start in the middle of last year. It provided me with what I needed at the time; friends, a gay community and a fresh start. Yet I can’t help but sit here and think it may be time to move on. It will be really hard to leave my friends and the gay community I have become so fond of however I have so many memories here with my ex and I just feel like I need to read more

200 Dollar Pants Friend

I was at the bar the other night and one of my friends was standing at a table adjacent to mine. After a moment I got up and walked over to say hello and he was standing with two people that I had not met. He proceeds to introduce me to the man and women standing with him. Let’s call the women Joy. I am not even sure where to begin to describe Joy. Picture a well dressed, sophisticated women read more

You’re Not Weak For Walking Away

It is really hard to have people that you care about no longer be a part of your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with perfectly imperfect people. It is just the way we were created. Yet, I want to remind anyone that has decided to step away from a situation or someone, you’re not weak or wrong. Let me repeat your’e not weak or wrong. I have come across a few things lately that read more

I’m Nervously Awaiting My Future

Ugh, I am sitting here in the middle of a waiting game. I know you have all been there so you can sympathize with me. It is literally the worst. Like my entire future is totally sitting in limbo.

I have been discussing for awhile that I want to go back to graduate school and I am proud to say that I have submitted all but one application and when I am done with this final one I will have submitted read more

Millennials: The FOMO Generation

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know what FOMO stands for lets get that out of the way now. FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. Maybe at this point you already agree with me on this stance and maybe you don’t but let me explain a little further.

Millennials have been faced with way different challenges than the generations before us. Our parents and our grandparents where able to live read more

A Year In Review to Continued Promises

Wow what a year 2017 was for me! I look back and I honestly can not believe what all has happened and the person I have become. Unfortunately the scale was a little more heavy on trying moments in 2017 then ones filled with bliss and success. However, one thing can be for sure, I learned a lot more about myself and who I want to be. I mean after all, I suppose that really was the purpose in getting read more

I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 5)

When I looked up I say my stepfather. I was in awe. Who the hell told this scum of the earth that she was here? I know my sister and I didn’t because he was the last person either of us wanted to see. I have to imagine that some the hospital had gotten in contact with him. Either because my mother asked them to or because they had the contact info given they were still married. I just remember read more

I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 4)

At some point in this whole mess I had to go pick up my sister. All I remember thinking is how am I going to explain this to her? How am I going to explain that on this day, a day that should be filled with joy and happiness for her, what had happened. Why was I picking her up after not talking for so long? I remember just telling myself to be calm and present this in a manner where I just inform read more

I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 3)

She doesn’t wake up as I say her name. I begin to sake her a little and still no response. By now I am in a full on panic because my mom had attempted suicide before. She wont wake up. I turn to her bedside and see an empty pill bottle. I then turn and look at S with what I am sure was the most panic stricken face she had ever seen. The next thing I remember is I am yelling at S to “Do read more

I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 2)

Before I move on I suppose I should provide a better visual of the layout and landscape. As you drive into the house straight in front of you would be a 2 car garage and then to your right was the house facing the road but attached to the house in a sort of L shape was another garage that went back towards the first garage straight ahead. You could pull into the attached garage by turning right. read more