Happiness; A Temporary State

I was listening to another podcast and it got me thinking about emotion, you know one of my favorite things to talk about. I thoroughly believe that being in tune to our emotions makes us better communicators, lovers, friends, parents and overall better people. Anyways I digress, the podcast was talking about happiness and this goal that all of us try to achieve. We believe that if we just lose read more

My Greatest Fear In Life

I believe that I have talked about my career coach I have at work. It is an interesting process and I am thankful that I have him and for what he has taught me. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from him is that many extreme emotions, like anger, are often derived from a place of fear. Let that sink in a minute and we will come back to it.

The end of last week and the beginning of this last read more

You’re Not Weak For Walking Away

It is really hard to have people that you care about no longer be a part of your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with perfectly imperfect people. It is just the way we were created. Yet, I want to remind anyone that has decided to step away from a situation or someone, you’re not weak or wrong. Let me repeat your’e not weak or wrong. I have come across a few things lately that read more

A Note To Mall Dad

First let me start off by saying that by know means am I the perfect father. I have a lot to learn and a lot of ways to grow but this interaction just kinda bothered me for the sheer fact of being completely un-self aware. Or whatever the opposite of self aware is. Anyways let me give you some background to fully paint the picture.

In one of my local malls there is one of those children’s play read more

Have you heard of your 3 life loves?

My ex boyfriend and I despite many efforts are just never going to be able to talk and be friends. We have tried on multiple occasions and we just can never seem to find a way to communicate. This is really frustrating and sad to me because I want it to work so bad but what I have come to realize is that I want him to be a person he is not and he wants me to be a person that I am not. We both keep read more

6 Tips For Loving Yourself & Living A Happier Life When Single

I am a really resilient soul and one that really does not like to feel like I am failing. If I start to feel that way I kick into overdrive and I am like “Oh Hell No” mode. Well after my last boyfriend and I broke up it was a reminder that I have no idea how to live alone and often felt alone and unhappy. It took a lot of reflection and several conversations with my counselor and I began read more

QBQ, Thanks John


I was rereading a book called QBQ, The Question Behind The Question by John Miller. I thought the content could be helpful to some of my leaders at work and was hoping to conduct a small workshop around the book. You see the whole premise of the book is on personal accountability and eliminate victim thinking. What are the incorrect questions or IQ’s as he calls them and the read more

Missing The Past Is OK

Something I have been reflecting on a little bit today. Yeah I know even this early in the morning but I suppose you don’t get to determine when you brain is like “Hey, we are going to think about this now.” There are a lot of things I miss about my past and what is no longer with me. Some in my more recent past and others the more distant.

For people like me that really need closure read more

26 for 24

For those of you that may not live in the state of Michigan or follow US College football the University of Michigan and Michigan State University football game was this past weekend. Anyway I had posted on my Facebook page asking who was going to Ann Arbor, MI (where University of Michigan is) to tailgate. I had a couple of responses and one of them was a good friend of mine (Roxanne) from undergrad read more