In a few words:

A dad, gay male, young professional, divorcee, friend addict, estranged family member and a perplexed childhood.

In a few more:

So, I am a little new to this whole blogging thing so please feel free to drop in any suggestions or recommendations. This is really meant to be a form of expression and connection. Expression to illustrate my life resume, which as you will find out is pretty crazy, and connection, connecting with others as well all navigate this thing called life.

So, If you ask, what is this blog going to be about, well my life resume, which if I am being honest covers a lot. Just to name a few, parenting, sexuality, marriage, divorce, family, regrets, friends, laughter and living a life of being comfortable being uncomfortable. So there you have it, be prepared for some things that are a little emotional, funny and well who knows what else will get thrown in here.

P.S. I should call out a couple things,

  1. I am not a professional writer and yes I know that at times my grammar is anything but perfect, we are going for content and feelings here, so work with me.
  2. This is all about raw emotion, and no judgement.
  3. Not really sure how I am going to structure this yet, so bare with me as I jump around a little.