You’re Not Weak For Walking Away

It is really hard to have people that you care about no longer be a part of your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with perfectly imperfect people. It is just the way we were created. Yet, I want to remind anyone that has decided to step away from a situation or someone, you’re not weak or wrong. Let me repeat your’e not weak or wrong. I have come across a few things lately that have really made me think about this concept.

  1. Astrological Signs

    • (On a side note and maybe for another post but interesting to me that a lot of the gay population is really into astrological signs.) Since I have had a lot of friends talk about it I have recently been reading my daily horoscope a little bit more frequently. In case you wondered, I am an Aries. My daily post for Jan 24 was one that talked about the past being a nice place to visit but more or less holds us back from enjoying happiness today. (Below is a screenshot of that days horoscope)
  2. Jay Shetty’s “You Can Learn To Let Go” Video

    • I am not sure if any of you have seen this video but you know I put it below for you all to watch. I know its three minutes in length but if you can read my ramblings for that long you can certainly listen to someone more compelling for three minutes. Anyways, he does a really great job reminding us that letting go isn’t for the other person it is for us.

What I have come to realize is that to live your life glass half full also means that you sometimes have to find an apology where one was never given or that you have to assume that their intentions were pure even when you know the other person so well that you know they were not. All because if we don’t then we drive ourselves crazy and we manufacture more negative energy into our own lives.

Thus, having that courage and conviction to step away from something or someone that is not healthy for you or because you love them and its whats best for them, even just in that moment, takes a much stronger person then someone who stays.


You Can Learn To Let Go- Jay Shetty

Aeries Jan. 24, 2018 Horoscope 

1.24 Horoscope.png