Me First, You Second


When you’re single in the 21st century with all of the dating apps, hook up culture and social media dating has become something that provokes anxiety and depression. Did they mean what they said earlier? Are they actually not feeling well or did they just not want to see me today? Why are they out with friends when they told me they couldn’t see me today because they had to much read more

Authenticity; A Mutually Exclusive Variable with Happiness

Authenticity.jpgOne of the things I learned with my last leadership coach was the importance of authenticity. Individuals that are authentically them are easier to trust and follow. A concept that I had not really thought about relating to leadership. Thinking about this further I had not realized that I was already underway in discovering how authenticity had connections to happiness, not knowing it as authenticity. read more

Boystown: A Reflection


On Friday I set out for an adventure to Chicago to visit a friend that I made camping earlier this summer. Although I have been to Chicago many times in my life I had never been to Boystown. The combination of my Boystown experience and others more recently have reminded me how much I continue to learn about the LGBTQ community. This continued education comes with emerging challenges to myself read more

Finding Empowerment in Dating

Being in the dating world is really difficult on someone with baggage as I have. It is challenging, emotionally draining and more often than not feels like you are giving a lot more than you are getting in return. I am not someone afraid to admit when they don’t know what the hell they are doing and recently that is exactly what I have done. My friend is a few years older than me and she has read more

Any Boy Can Become A “Fag”

I know, I know I have some fighting words in this title but before you completely dismiss this post stay with me a minute. This post was inspired by an article written by C. J. Pascoe titled: ‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse. Thus, lets get the boring stuff out of the way and get this formally cited:

Pascoe, C. J. 2005. “‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: read more

Moving: What I Know but Still Forget

I have moved and been in Detroit for two weeks now and that is just enough time for the ole life reminder of how hard moving is. The last couple days, and what really seem like hours, have been rough. I started a new job, moved and started school. Quite frankly I am terrified at how I will keep up. This is a lot of work and I fear I won’t be able to excel at it all.

Yet, among all the fear read more

Boxes of Fear


I have been severally procrastinating packing for the last week or so. I’m within a month of moving and I hadn’t done a thing. Not organized a closet or packed a single box. Today was supposed to be my day to get a lot done to really get this packing thing moving in the right direction. Yet, I had no motivation to do it. I avoided it all day. First, I got up and went on a run. It read more

An Odd Comparison

The collapse of my marriage and, the months that followed shortly after, certainly were not some of the most beautiful moments. They were really difficult. It was hard to lose my best friend and even for as “green” as it my have been, my life partner. No matter the conclusion there was a reason I stayed and we spent almost 9 years together. Those feelings have never left me and the respect read more

Happiness; A Temporary State

I was listening to another podcast and it got me thinking about emotion, you know one of my favorite things to talk about. I thoroughly believe that being in tune to our emotions makes us better communicators, lovers, friends, parents and overall better people. Anyways I digress, the podcast was talking about happiness and this goal that all of us try to achieve. We believe that if we just lose read more