I’m Nervously Awaiting My Future

Ugh, I am sitting here in the middle of a waiting game. I know you have all been there so you can sympathize with me. It is literally the worst. Like my entire future is totally sitting in limbo.

I have been discussing for awhile that I want to go back to graduate school and I am proud to say that I have submitted all but one application and when I am done with this final one I will have submitted a total of 5. I am proud of myself for going after what I want but the challenge is I also don’t have a full time job at the moment. So challenge number one is how do I pay my bills in the short term until I find out if I have been accepted. Then of course I also have to sit here and create all these back up plans. If I get in what am I going to do to sustain myself until graduate school and if I don’t get in what am I going to do.

Its like I have a plan and then a back up plan and then a back up back up plan but I really cant act on any of them until I have more information. Its so frustrating to just be sitting hear feeling helpless. Of course I don’t need to tell any of you that I know you’ve all been there.

So alas I spend my days at the coffee shop finishing graduate school applications, applying to jobs and well wasting time. All so I don’t go crazy sitting at home. Dear god I need a roommate. lol

Anyways enough of this rant. Have a wonderful day and I hope your 2018 is off to a more directive start than mine.

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