Millennials: The FOMO Generation

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know what FOMO stands for lets get that out of the way now. FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. Maybe at this point you already agree with me on this stance and maybe you don’t but let me explain a little further.

Millennials have been faced with way different challenges than the generations before us. Our parents and our grandparents where able to live out the American dream. Get a house, get married, have kids the whole picket fence. For us it just isn’t that easy.

  1. College Debt
    1. I know I know, this is talked about all the time but if you haven’t gone to college in the last decade or had a child do it you have no idea. I had scholarships, worked 20 hours a week and still took out more loans that I could actually manage but all because if I didn’t I couldn’t actually manage to live without a degree. It is six one half a dozen another. The fact that my student loan payments are literally as much as my car payment and car insurance combined is a problem. The reason we don’t spend money on a house or newer car or vacations is because we honestly don’t have it to spend.
  2. The Great Recession
    1. We all watched our parents struggle to afford to live after the recession hit. These homes they bought, the cars, the trips all of it was gone in a blink of an eye. So we struggle to put our roots down anywhere that would require that level of commitment.
  3. Technology and Social Media
    1. Technology and Social Media have made so many more things possible for us than you could have ever imagined. For instance how many millennials have Instagram accounts with millions of followers and don’t actually have jobs because they get paid for product reviews. We have the opportunity to live a life that can be more malleable to our personal desires. Yet, at the same time seeing all these other people succeed can bring about this jealousy and desire for the same. Thus many of us are constantly striving to be more.

In general the millennial generation is just one that desires more out of life. We don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket and the glory about cultural change is we don’t have to. Yes pressure still exists to be a certain person or to do certain things but more than ever being different is alright. All of this has made us a generation where we have a fear of missing out on life. We want to live our best life, the life that makes us the most happy. So, if you ever wondered why millennials change so often its just that; FOMO.

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