A Year In Review to Continued Promises

Wow what a year 2017 was for me! I look back and I honestly can not believe what all has happened and the person I have become. Unfortunately the scale was a little more heavy on trying moments in 2017 then ones filled with bliss and success. However, one thing can be for sure, I learned a lot more about myself and who I want to be. I mean after all, I suppose that really was the purpose in getting divorced. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. I have come to realize discovering who I am is going to be a lot more self exploration than I originally imagined. From my personal life, to my love life, to my professional life and my family life. What do I want, who am I and what makes me the most happy? All these questions I will have continue to explore in 2018.

Anyways back to the year in review. For the sake of this review lets just list out the more challenging moments of 2017 and the jovial or at least untroubled moments.


  • Moving twice
  • Selling my home
  • Having and losing two full time jobs
  • Finalizing my divorce
  • Discovering how to be a single parent
  • Filing unemployment for the first time
  • Falling in love and concluding that relationship


  • Traveling to the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain
  • Becoming a part of the local gay community and the friendships that has brought me
  • Moving to a new city with more friends
  • The amazing people and friends I made this year
  • Watching my daughter grow and begin to speak
  • Falling in love and learning more about who I am
  • Applying to graduate school, even if I don’t get in 🙂
  • Losing roughly 50lbs and sticking to last years resolution to get healthy

These experiences have taught me a lot, yet, I am continuing to learn about myself. Trying to become a better person and find my true happiness. In review of 2017 I promised myself two things that I would do more of in 2018.

  1. Focus more on myself and forget others actions.
    • I felt like I’ve spent to much time letting others actions influence my feelings which has probably lead to more hurt and drama then just forgetting about them and let them do them while I do me.
  2. Be the True me.
    • Most of my life I have done things based on approval and social acceptance but not what I have wanted. So to start off this commitment to myself I got my ear pierced yesterday. I know this may sound silly but it was a big deal for me. I have had some important people in my life tell me they didn’t like what I wanted to have done so I became self conscious about the idea. However last night on an impulse I decided to do it for me and my goal to be the true me in 2018. So I got it, a double helix with a double spiral. It is a little bigger than I want but I will get a smaller earring once it heals and I don’t have to worry about swelling anymore. I posted a few pics below so you can see it.

Anyways happy new year to all of you and I truly wish you the best year 2018 can offer you. If you haven’t done so already maybe you can become the true you with me.

Happy New Year!

To A Year Of Being The True Me!

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