I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 5)

When I looked up I say my stepfather. I was in awe. Who the hell told this scum of the earth that she was here? I know my sister and I didn’t because he was the last person either of us wanted to see. I have to imagine that some the hospital had gotten in contact with him. Either because my mother asked them to or because they had the contact info given they were still married. I just remember him walking up to be in a very aggressive manner almost looking to pick a fight and I remember thinking to myself be overly nice and kill him with kindness. Even though in that moment all I wanted to do was beat his ass for being such a horrible human. His initial reaction, both in his comments and body language where aggressive yet after a moment he calmed down. At some point or another I had to go out to the car to grab something and this is really about the last thing that I remember from this horrible day. As I was walking back the car I see his truck and for whatever reason felt like I needed to snoop around. I’m not sure what I thought I would find but I remember thinking I had to look. Stupidly enough he did leave his truck unlocked and I snooped all around it and didn’t find anything other than a gift for my sister and if I recall it was a remote controlled car. I remember rolling my eye’s and thinking yeah buy her love because that’s about the only thing you can give her. He always did that growing up, would just buy us toys as if that made up for all the bad times and things he did. After closing the doors to his truck I remember thinking just pop that tire. It’s not that anyone would know it was you. Yet somehow my wisdom got a hold of me and made me realize that if somehow they linked it back to me and then I got in legal trouble he had won and I was going to be damned if he won.

The next several days after that were hard for me as I would go to the hospital but they would not allow her to see me. I would see the door open and see her in the hallway waiting to see my stepfather as he walked and yet I couldn’t follow. She didn’t want to see me. This was really hard on me.

Since the years have passed and after many hours of counseling my mother is doing amazing. She is no longer on depression medication and is living a life that provides more than she has ever had. Our relationship is solid, yet a little bizarre since we’ve never really had a true son-mother relationship but I know she will always be there if I needed her to be. It was a dark time in both of our lives but I am really happy she was able to find stability and happiness.