I Wasn’t Supposed To Be There; A Life Saved (Part 2)

Before I move on I suppose I should provide a better visual of the layout and landscape. As you drive into the house straight in front of you would be a 2 car garage and then to your right was the house facing the road but attached to the house in a sort of L shape was another garage that went back towards the first garage straight ahead. You could pull into the attached garage by turning right. The attached garage lead into a mud room and laundry room and then a short hallway. Through the hallway on your right was the living room and on the left was my mother (and stepfathers) bedroom. Off of that living room was a sliding glass door and a very small patio before you would hit the driveway.

I think I may have mentioned it in another post but my mom had several Chihuahuas and as soon as I got out of the car they were at the glass door sticking there head between the blinds barking. S (my ex wife) and I proceed to the garage door and knock. No one comes to answer the door. I wait a few moments and again no one comes. I begin to panic. My moms car was there and the dogs were barking. Why wasn’t she coming to the door? Was she just mad at me and didn’t want to see me. Was I about to get into some huge argument? These short moments felt like minutes and so I walk over to the glass door and look in. The dogs are free and running around the house which meant someone was home. Whenever anyone left they put all the dogs in the mud room (the room between the attached garage and the small hallway leading to the house.) I don’t see anyone, no one is sitting on the couch or walking around but my moms car is here and the dogs are free. My stomach sinks. I have a terrible feeling about what is going on here and I begin to panic. I look at S and tell her that I think we need to see if the door is unlocked and go in. She can see the panic on my face and I can see the scared look in her eyes. We have no idea what is going on and based on historical interactions going inside may not be the best idea. She asks me “Are you sure?” I told her that I didn’t think we had a choice and I remember being very insistent in that. The garage door was unlocked and we walk in. Looking the same as I recalled. My step father had turned it into a game room and had his pool table in there, a TV and a chair about 4 feet from the TV where he would play his Xbox. We walk to the far right corner where the door is that leads to the mud room and that too was unlocked. We proceed further to the next door, the mud room was a fairly good sized room but then just off it was a small hallways leading into the house but before you go into the house the washer and dryer were there and a door the separated that from the house. So we reach that next and final door. By this point I know that I could enter the house as that door had no lock on it. I approach as the dogs have now moved to barking at me from the other side of this door. Yet I still hear no movement and no one has come to greet me. S and I approach the door and open it, not a sound from anyone. I fist look into the living room and then quickly into the kitchen and den off the living room, no one is there. So I proceed to my mothers bedroom with S right behind me.

I see my mother laying on the bed and she appears to be sleeping. I sit down next to her and shake her a bit and say “mom” in an effort to awaken her…