“Enjoying The View”

Many of you know that I work in human resources but what you might not know is that I work for a program that assists elderly participants stay in there home as long as possible but we also have day center where they can come during the day for activities, breakfast and lunch as well as receiving all their medical care. I explain it as non residential nursing home. Anyways I am preparing for some read more

Empathy; My Strength & Weakness

When I started my new job not to long ago I did a comprehensive assessment on my leadership style strengths and development areas. Along with this assessment I got 6 months of career coaching with a PhD coach. This process has been so interesting and rewarding from a developmental stand point. Sure you see executive leaders getting this kind of development at larger organizations but I have not read more

Being Gay Isn’t Easy

Yes, perhaps I stated the obvious above and yes in the shortest most concise way I said it all in the title. Yet, I still think it is fair to talk about it. To recognize that for a variety of reasons it is harder to be gay than it is to be straight.

Of course one of the main reasons is the societal pressure and they way you are looked at from the outside. Especially in more rural parts of the country. read more

My 10 Things About Turning 26

Today is my birthday and I have been looking at this date for awhile not really sure how I would feel about it as the day approached, came, and as all things do, dissipate. If we are being honest I think I have feared this date more than anything because it means I turn 26. Not because I am old or anything more because its a realization that I am now closer to my 30’s then my 20’s and read more

A Final Farewell

When I first moved to Lansing I knew no one within the gay community. I moved here because I had friends from college that had been a support system to me through my divorce. However, I knew this would be my home for an unknown amount of time and I really wanted to make the best of it. So, I put myself out there to meet people within the gay community.

One of the first people I met and became friends read more

It Drug Me Back Into A Hole

The last week or so has been an emotional roller coaster. I go from these moments of feeling fine and happy to these moments of months ago. The last few months of dating my ex and the month or two following. The anxiety, the pressure behind my eyes the flight mode that kicks in, an inability to sit still and the desire to get out and just do something. Just stay busy.

This is overly frustrating on read more

It May Be Time To Move

I moved to Lansing for a fresh start in the middle of last year. It provided me with what I needed at the time; friends, a gay community and a fresh start. Yet I can’t help but sit here and think it may be time to move on. It will be really hard to leave my friends and the gay community I have become so fond of however I have so many memories here with my ex and I just feel like I need to read more

200 Dollar Pants Friend

I was at the bar the other night and one of my friends was standing at a table adjacent to mine. After a moment I got up and walked over to say hello and he was standing with two people that I had not met. He proceeds to introduce me to the man and women standing with him. Let’s call the women Joy. I am not even sure where to begin to describe Joy. Picture a well dressed, sophisticated women read more

You’re Not Weak For Walking Away

It is really hard to have people that you care about no longer be a part of your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with perfectly imperfect people. It is just the way we were created. Yet, I want to remind anyone that has decided to step away from a situation or someone, you’re not weak or wrong. Let me repeat your’e not weak or wrong. I have come across a few things lately that read more

A Note To Mall Dad

First let me start off by saying that by know means am I the perfect father. I have a lot to learn and a lot of ways to grow but this interaction just kinda bothered me for the sheer fact of being completely un-self aware. Or whatever the opposite of self aware is. Anyways let me give you some background to fully paint the picture.

In one of my local malls there is one of those children’s play read more